What better way to start off my music reviews than with one of my all time favourite albums, Audio Secrecy by Stone Sour.

Starting at the start I suppose, the title track, “Audio Secrecy,” strangely, is a short instrumental intro song which does a great job of setting up “Mission Statement” which is a fantastic way to start the album, easily gets you hooked right off the bat. English teachers and marketeers often talk about baiting your first sentence or idea and using it as a hook to capture your audience. Well to me, “Mission Statement” does just that, and does it perfectly; every single time. I can’t just listen to one song of this album and then turn it off. It’s either all of it, or all of it multiple times in one sitting.

Every song on this album is brilliant, and they flow together surprisingly well considering some, like “Miracles” and “Hesitate”, are slow and melodic, whereas others like “Nylon 6/6” (the best song on the album, IMHO) and “The Bitter End” are much louder and get you up off your ass and singing (or screaming) along with frontman Corey Taylor.  Overall I think this album does a great job of showing off Corey Taylor and crew’s many musical talents, proving that they can do more than just make really loud, thrashing, head-banging metal music.

I really wish Stone Sour would have made a music video for “Nylon 6/6”, but since they did not, I will share “Say You’ll Haunt Me” instead, which is still great. Just can’t help but wonder what “Nylon 6/6” is about, or what would be in its music video…



I can’t wait for Stone Sour’s new album, House of Gold & Bones Part 1, which comes out in October of this year (2012). Based on the teaser on their website, it should be another solid album.


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