b/w S Tier Eastman Double X 200 very old school look, very high contrast, looks like the movies should consider bulk loading this… Ilford HP5 fun amounts of grain, moderate contrast, useful in lower light situations way more contrasty and grainy at 1600 which makes it look more Eastman Double X-ish, but with the added benefit of working in lower light situations Kodak TMax Professional 400 great all-rounder used to shoot a lot of this in highschool, so nostalgia hits hard A Tier Fomopan 100 Classic high contrast most of the time looks old school, also cheap much nicer negatives than 200 Creative Ilford XP2 Super very similar to HP5+, but uses C41 development chemicals instead of traditional b/w yields very dark, strange looking negatives works really well pushed to ISO 1600 (+2) just like HP5+ worth getting if you can’t get b/w developed easily, or is on sale for less than HP5+, otherwise not really worth it over HP5+ Ilford Kentmere KPan 100 surprisingly good and smooth while also being cheap, low grain, high contrast Kodak TMax Professional 100 super smooth, very low grain B Tier Fomopan 200 Creative high contrast most of the time looks old school and I dig it, also cheap thin and kinda wonky negatives Ilford Delta Professional 100 super smooth, very low grain, a bit greyscale Ilford FP4 very low grain, but also pretty low contrast C Tier Ilford Kentmere KPan 400 nowhere near as good contrast-wise as ISO 100 version need to try pushing it, apparently makes it S-tier worthy… Rollei RPX 400 not very contrasty D Tier Kodak Professional P3200 very, very grainy very expensive, would rather just use Ilford HP5+ pushed F Tier unplaced / need a retry Fujifilm Acros II 100 need to shoot again, didn’t work well in Halina 35X as first roll due to mostly indoor + overcast shooting, needed higher ISO film + fix light leak + better understanding of focusing the Halina colour S Tier Lomography Color Negative 800 extremely useful in lower light situations whilst maintaining good grain, vibrant colours and sharpness expensive, but worth it, especially in bulk packs for traveling A Tier Fujifilm Fujicolor C200 great PNW film for summer time as the greens really shine Fujifilm Superia X-Tra 400 Kodak Ultramax 400 Kodak ColorPlus 200 probably better than Ultramax but harder to find Kodak Gold 200 great for fall time colours (oranges, yellows), strong saturation which I enjoy Kodak Portra 800 great all-rounder, but I don’t love the more muted yellow-ish colours as much as the more vibrant Lomo CN 800 B Tier Lomography Lomochrome ‘92 (Formula 2022) can be pretty neat for the right shots, definitely looks like an early 90’s colour film strange colour-cast on skin though, not for portraiture C Tier Cinestill 400D hallations not my jam with mid-speed daytime film Lomography Color 100 pretty meh for the price probably rebadged Kodak or something, not worth getting again D Tier F Tier unplaced / need a retry Harman Phoenix 200 Lomography Color 400 experimental S Tier Lomography Lomochrome Metropolis a lot of fun to shoot, looks like Soviet Russia Lomography Redscale XR post-apocolyptic vibes especially for cityscapes A Tier Lomography Lomochrome Purple pretty interesting color tones works pushed +1 to ISO 800, but ends up making pretty thin negatives, don’t think +2 (1600) would work well B Tier C Tier Film Photography Project Retrochrome pretty interesting in interior lighting or darker exteriors, but really not good in low light (very grainy) or direct sunlight (very over-exposed looking and washed out) D Tier Lomography Lomochrome Turquoise 2021 pretty weird, very few photos I’ve taken with this I actually thought were cool F Tier unplaced / need a retry

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