Today’s topic: why do people have to park right next to me when I’m parked miles away from everyone else, and how is that act related to human nature.

Seriously though, if I’m parked way out in the boonies, there’s a reason for it, and my reason is I don’t want my car to get dinged by Mom’s carrying a kid and tons of groceries, kids on their cell phones, or any other careless idiot who doesn’t respect cars and other peoples’ property like they should. It is my belief that this parking dilemma is related to basic human nature, the want requirement for interaction with another. People park close to one another so that they don’t feel alone, so that there’s a small chance of saying “hello there” to the guy you parked next to, or even just sharing a glance with another human being.

And don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate everyone and everything, I want human interaction just like everyone else. However, that better not be anywhere near my damn car unless you’re a fellow car fanatic like I am, and you can prove to me that you will treat me and my car with respect and not wildly throw your door open into it.