I’ve only been back at school for 3 weeks, but I feel like summer was a life time away. And what a summer it was! Probably the best of my life, if I’m honest.

Never before in my life have I woke up every weekday morning at 0700hrs and been so damn happy about being up and “having” to get ready for work. Guess that just shows I was working in the right industry, at the right company, with the right people (you know who you are).

With all that being sad, I’m excited about this school year (ideally it’s my last for a while) but at the same time I’m already fed up with it. Too much unnecessary stress due to projects and tests (with only a very small percentage of those being actually useful). There don’t seem to be enough hours in the day to get all my work done whilst juggling schedules, setting up meetings and enjoying what little free time I can create. Sleep? Error – system segmentation fault

At least most of my classes are interesting, but I probably bit off more than I can chew. I’ve never felt so overworked (and underpaid) in my life! Thankfully I got the senior project I wanted, but that just adds to my workload. It will be pretty bad ass when it’s done in the spring though. Too bad it’s all proprietary information :/

Still, just 8 more weeks until winter break when I can hit the slopes. Skiing is as good a motivation as it gets, well besides a fat paycheck, and a happy, friend-filled life.