Directions to Parking Lot:

  1. Follow Harrison Blvd as it turns into Bogus Basin Road
  2. zero your trip computer (odometer) at Curling Drive by Highland Elementary School
  3. Drive up Bogus Basin Road for 11.9 fun, switchback-filled miles
  4. park in an unmarked side-road parking area to the left of the road

Hiking Directions:

  1. head south west on trail from parking lot
  2. when you walk through a narrow, rocky and tree-covered section of trail and out into wide section of path that is a driveway up and to the right, continue going down (south)
  3. follow this well-traveled trail around the side of the hill, and go straight when you run into a fork in the path (designated by a rock with a stick in it), note you came from the left fork (which will be on your right when you return)
  4. keep going until you run into the East Side trail (#120) fork, and take a left. I accidentally went right the first time, which takes you down into the valley which you were just walking past from the north and down to the Sinker Creek and Mr. Big trails (#122 and #124, respectively)
  5. follow East Side trail until it ends and splits into Mr. Big Trail (#124) and Freddy’s Stack Rock Trail (#125), and take Freddy’s
  6. when Freddy’s Stack Rock Trail splits, take your pick as they both end up going to Stack Rock. I went left, and then went around the other way on the way back (together they form a loop).
  7. enjoy Stack Rock, it’s a pretty neat formation with great views of the valley on multiple sides
  8. reverse your steps, or use the map located here to find a different way back


  • The entire hike took around 5 hours, with a half hour lunch break at Stack Rock